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Find us behind the Beehive pub


Haywill Animal Rescue and Therapy Centre is turning 30 this April. 

As a former special needs teacher, Lynn Haydon-Williams has always been passionate about helping others. 30 years ago her passion and commitment to helping those in need turned into an idea: a sanctuary for unwanted animals. This would not only enable her to save unwanted animals from slaughter or death but also help those with physical or mental health issues through animal assisted therapy.

While Haywill remained relatively private for many years, the impact on animals and people alike has been great throughout Haywill’s 30 years of existence. More recently Lynn has opened up Haywill to many volunteers to continue to help in the community.

Now retired, Lynn spends most of her waking time (and many sleepless nights) caring for animals in her home as well as at the Rescue Centre, as well as on raising funds and organising grants and volunteers.

We are animal lovers through and through. We only want the best for our animals, so we work tirelessly to give them a comfortable life. 

Come rain or shine, animals always need looking after.

Everybody gets something different from Haywill - but most importantly we work as a team and include everyone, no matter their ability, experience or age.